Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair

Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair
Photo: Mary Sheehan

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome to the Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair!

23 Jun. 08

Welcome to the first edition of the Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair Newsletter!

By now, we hope that you have all heard about the Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair, that is held every Saturday from 10 until 4 at the Russell Community Centre in Doolin, County Clare! Our Grand Opening was a great success on June 7th, and you can view photos of the events on the McGann’s website at (click on Image Gallery at the top of the page). Thanks to Shay McGowan for taking the photos and putting them online!

So far the Market is going very well, with over 20 stallholders every week providing a combination of locally produced crafts with a variety of fresh foods and plants. All of the goods are of a high quality, and new products are added almost every week. We hope that you and your friends will stop in from time to time to see what’s there, and maybe have a cup of tea and a bite to eat! It has a very pleasant atmosphere, and provides an enjoyable daytime activity very reasonably priced, especially on a dull day, or even on the way to the beach on a fine one! Pick up a loaf of home-made bread, some local cheeses, and some delicious fruit salad to take with you for the day!

From time to time, we plan to let you know about special events we have planned, such as cookery demonstrations, barbeques, and other community events. We do not charge admission to the Market, nor to any of the special events. And we plan to let you know a bit more about some of our interesting stalls!

This week, we would like to tell you about Mairead Sharry, because we think you would really love to meet her! From Inisheer, Mairead is the last spinner and weaver on the Aran Islands. She uses the wool of island sheep to spin, dye, weave, and felt her products in vibrant natural colours and interesting designs, including hats, scarves, jumpers, bags, and criosa (belts). She also sells hand spun and dyed yarn. Mairead brings her spinning wheel to the market, where you can watch her as she demonstrates the art of spinning wool every week.

If you would like more information, or want to get in touch with us, email Toby at

Hope to see you soon!

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