Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair

Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair
Photo: Mary Sheehan

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's summer (sort of).....

Here in Doolin, we are not exactly stampeding to the beach so far this summer! It’s been a little bit grey, a little bit drizzly, and really nice weather for dropping by the Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair for a look, to see what’s new here, and relax for a while with a cup of tea from Lydia, a homemade croissant or slice of carrot cake, a few chocolate-covered strawberries from Paul “Mr. Bean”Bradley, or a warm bowl of curry from Aloma.

Our craftspeople are a creative bunch, and have been bringing new ideas and different handmade items every week, so call in to see what is new this week! One of the new products comes straight out of the Clare earth! Ceramic artist Siobain O’Brien has been selling delicate and colourful slipware she makes at the Boghill Centre in Kilfenora. She has now expanded her line to include ceramic pieces made of clay that she digs from their own land at the pottery in Kilfenora! That means that Siobain has been involved in every aspect of making the piece, from digging and hand-processing the clay, to forming it, firing it, glazing it, and bringing it to the Market for sale! It’s a fascinating process, and her ceramics are lovely and unique. Stop by her table, she will be happy to tell you how she does it!

We have plans for special events over the coming weeks. We’ll let you know what’s coming up! We appreciate all the emails we’ve gotten with your comments and questions! If you would like more information, or want to get in touch with us, email Toby at

And don't forget that at 2 p.m. every Saturday we draw the name of the winner of a voucher worth 25 euros to be used for any merchandise at the Market. It costs only 1 euro per chance, and you can sign up for the drawing with Michelle, at the Garden Table at the front of the Market!

Thanks for forwarding our Newsletter to your friends and family! We hope to see you soon!

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DrDave said...

Greetings from Buffalo, New York, USA!
Toby Sachsenmaier, our old friend who guided us around the delightful Doolin environs, told us about your web site. We continue to have fond memories of the folks of Doolin and lovely landscape. My wife, Sue Bundy-Myrow and I wish you a luscious and lively New Year.
Dave Myrow