Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair

Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair
Photo: Mary Sheehan

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New to the Market!

Good news! You can now buy local free range pork at the Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair! Eva Hegarty has joined the Market, and in addition to providing roasts, chops and other cuts of pork, she brings delicious sausages made from the meat of her hand-raised pigs. The sausages are made by Justin Flannery of Gort, who uses traditional methods and seasonings to make sausages like Granny used to make, 90% meat, and with a mild and natural flavour. Delicious! Eva is originally from Finland, and married a local fella a few years ago. They breed and raise a small number of pigs on their smallholding in Kilfenora. Their pigs are healthy and happy, having free access to shelter and land to wander and forage on. This results in a tastier, better quality meat. Come taste samples!

With the addition of Eva to our Market, it is now possible to do your weekly shop here, buying Clare-produced meat, cheese, bread, vegetables, eggs, and baked goods! You can also avail of delicious home-made prepared foods, such as salads and salad dressings, oils and chutneys, chocolate covered strawberries, home-made ice cream, curries, chilli, and fresh orange juice.

Someone else who has been attracting a lot of attention lately, both from locals and visitors, is photographer Leslie Flynn. Leslie has been living in and photographing North Clare for over 30 years, and almost all of the photographs he displays are taken within walking distance of the Doolin Saturday Market and Craft Fair! Leslie has a remarkable eye, and using traditional film techniques (with no digital enhancement!!), he captures points of view that make people see their surroundings anew, and develop fresh appreciation for the beauty of the land and people around us here everyday! We often see a few people gathered around his stall looking closely at photos and asking him where it was taken, or who is the familiar-looking person in the photo! Sometimes these discussions lead right down memory lane, or sometimes to a brand new discovery of a near-by place not seen before!

Mary Sheehan’s Cookery Demonstration was a great success! So, she’s going to do it again! This week, Mary will again take over the O’Gorman Room at the Market at demonstrate simple easy ways to combine fresh local foods with some ingredients we don’t often see in Irish cooking, but which are now becoming readily available. Some people are surprised to learn that Mary is not herself a vegetarian, because her cookbook emphasises ways to cook with vegetables, grains, and dairy products. These recipes are fantastic for vegetarians, or people who wish to eat less meat. But Mary is quick to point out that many of her dishes are equally good when sharing the menu with meat dishes! Mary will demonstrate some additional recipes this week. Again, the Cookery Demonstration is free, but sign-up is recommended as space is limited. You can sign up at the Market, or by emailing us at You can learn more about Mary’s new book, “Coming Home to Cook” on her website at

One of our favourite stallholders is spinner and weaver Mairead Sharry, from Inisheer, whom we told you about in our first newsletter. Now you can see Mairead in action from the comfort of your own home! A visitor videotaped Mairead at the Market a few weeks ago, and posted the tape on YouTube! You can search Mairead Sharry, Doolin Market on YouTube, or follow this link to view it:

See you Saturday!

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